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Uncover Miracles

"I desire to grant unimaginable graces to those souls who trust in My mercy."

Jesus appeared to a young nun in the 1930's with messages for all mankind, but especially for our time.

This would be impossible to believe, except for the fact that thousands--if not millions--of miracles have been attributed to the content of these messages.

Are they worthy of belief?

Scroll through and decide for yourself.


Hurricane Sandy Stops at Property Line

With Hurricane Sandy rapidly approaching, Ron Regalis blessed his home with the image of Divine Mercy, then fled the oncoming storm. Five days later, he returned home, passing untold destruction on his way. Upon arriving at his property, he found it to be completely unscathed. The storm had literally stopped at his property line.

Morning Mist over Forest

Muggers Blinded by Divine Mercy Image

A man was attacked by three muggers attempting to rob him. However, they all ran away after opening his wallet. Once apprehended, they were asked why they fled and responded, "When we opened his wallet there was this image...and from it radiated this brilliant light that pierced our eyes, caused us great pain." It was the image of Divine Mercy.

Morning Mist over Forest

A Single House Remains in a City Leveled by War

During World War II, people from a Polish town were told to flee before the approaching enemy forces. Before leaving, one woman remembered about a Divine Mercy image she had received, and placed it above her door. After the enemy troops leveled the entire city, her home was the only one left standing.

Morning Mist over Forest
Sunrise over Mountains

These are Just the Beginning...

A young man walks away from a car accident that should have killed him.

A terminally ill man is miraculously restored to complete health.

A woman has two prayers miraculously answered in one week.

Field Sunset
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